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back now with more of "today" on a monday morning, it's the 11th day of january, 2009. this is, how many days in a row, al, have we been below freezing during the program here? >> i would say about eight. >>ight or so. i went to get coffee yesterday morning, 13 degrees. at 7:00, we've had a spell of this. but we're warming up. and we want to thank those nice people for sticking around. these nice people. the better part of the morning. out on the plaza, i'm matt lauer, along with al roker and natalie morales. coming up, we'll talk about some major medical breakthroughs over
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the last several years or so. studies show for example that going to the gym can help you prevent cancer. also we're going it talk about a device that could predict if you're likely to have a heart attack. could these advances change the future of medicine? and the way we're all treated? we'll take a look at that in this hour. all right, and then to a story that is a real shocker -- brutal attack on a florida man, by the driver of a car, it was all caught on security cameras, it happened last month. the man survived with a help of good samaritans. he was run down and the good samaritans actually lifted the car off of him. we'll have an exclusive interview with him coming up in a little bit. >> it's unbelievable. and then later on, i "take it off today" a new approach to dieting. forget about the one size fits all kind of approach. we're talking about when it comes to losing weight, there are four different categories you need to consider when you're considering a diet plan. so we'll tell but those and how that may help you implement a new diet plan to help you lose
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some weight. let's go inside, ann is standing by with a look at the headlines. thanks, good morning once again. democrats are trying to quiet a controversy over a remark made by senate majority leader, harry reid, during the 2008 presidential campaign. according to a new book, reid described then-candidate barack obama as quote, light-skinned with know negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one, end quote. reid has apologized to president obama and the president considers the matter closed. but republicans are calling for reid to resign as majority leader. aftershocks are still shaking northern california, following a magnitude 6.5 earthquake on saturday. the quake sent shoppers running out of stores in eureka, california and caused millions ever dollars in damage. more than 20 people were hurt, with mostly minor injuries. record cold hit at least eight cities in florida during the night with temperatures entitle mid teens in some places. it is a major concern for fruit growers who are using sprinklers to put ice on their crops to try to protect them from the deep
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freeze. nato officials say that three american service members died today in a battle with militants in southern afghanistan. gas prices are up 14 cents a gallon in the last three weeks, according to the lundberg survey to an average of $2.74 a gallon for regular. that's the highest level in more than a year. police in milwaukee are hoping the surveillance video will help them catch a man who recently through a molotov cocktail at a gas station cashier, no one was hurt in the incident. a study released today suggests an increasing number of american and high school and college students are wrestling with anxiety and depression, five times the number of those dealing with it during the great depression. an expert speculated that pop culture obsessed with appearance, status and wealth has contributed to mental health issues. and for the fourth weekend in a row, "avatar" held onto the top spot at the box office, taking
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in $48 million. "sherlock holmes" was second. it is now three minutes past the hour. let's go back outside to matt and natalie. >> "avatar" hangs on to the top post. let's check the weather now with mr. al roker. we know it's cold. >> yes, we do. for today, the brutal cold continues in the southeast. the farmers there worried about their crops. more storms coming into the pacific northwest. let's go under the clouds to show you the clipper that's coming across the great lakes dropping light snow. not a big problem there. we're looking at sunshine through southern california. snowshowers in the east. temperatures only getting up to about 60 in miami today. records fell, eight cities had record low temperatures in florida today. icy conditi >> good morning. we're off to a quiet but cold start this monday. the clouds will gradually thicken up through the day. you can see the sunshine this
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morning. mostly cloudy skies by late this and that's your latest weather. ann? al, thanks, this morning on today's health, the latest medical breakthrough. 2009 was full of advances in medicine from a possible cancer vaccine to a screening test for alzheimer's. "prevention" magazine highlights some advances in its january issue and we've got nbc's chief medical editor, dr. nancy snyderman here with more. >> in a lot of fields, it maybe would surprise people from low-tech to high-tech, we
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thought it would be fun to look back and see maybe the stories we didn't talk about enough, that people should know about. >> we talk about how we should exercise. now there's been evidence that if you exercise regularly, certain amount, you might actually stave off cancer? >> this is amazing. the whole idea that the basics cannot only help you, i would say survive cancer and perhaps even ward it off. women who exercise, walk three times a week, just a couple of miles, can decrease the recurrence of cancers in breast cancer and colon cancer. my friend dr. susan love has been saying this for a long time. that independently, exercise can help protect you from cancer. so it's a really important thing to remember. that getting back to just something as basic as that, is part of cancer recovery. >> you were talking, let's go back over this, three hours a week. >> at least three times a week. a couple of miles a time. >> three times a week. >> think 10,000 steps a day, you're ahead of the game. >> let's move on to something else. people have been talking for years how they want hope for an
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aids vaccine. there's new hope now? >> this is why it matters. 95% of the new cases are in the developing world. and this has been a tricky virus, because it mutates really quickly. two new components found over the last summer and a new vaccine that will test it in thailand really seemed to make a difference, this is the first time that researchers have been able to say we have something that looks like it's going to work. and i think a lot of people -- while there's no cure yet, were able to say, after a couple of decades, we're finally starting to make strides. and it's because we're starting to understand this virus so much better. >> even though we don't have a vaccine, does it mean we're faster, we're closer? >> we have a vaccine that doesn't work for everyone. we have a basic vaccine now. >> what about melanoma, it's one of the most lethal cancers. >> in end stage. >> now a possible vaccine? >> absolutely. this is the idea of taking a cancer, that you thought would kill you, and making it a chronic illness.
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>> start to think of it like diabetes, or we protect our children with vaccines to prevent disease. what if i could give you a vaccine of your own cancer cells that basically says tour body -- recognize it, make antibodies against it and just live with it. and there's been some extraordinary work with malignant melanoma. a vaccine is out there, it works in about 20, 22% of people. the good news, i think it will be one of the great frontiers of medicine and cancer. researchers like me will be put out of business. the more we learn about our immune system and vaccines and cancers. we're going to be able to frankly have most cancer treatments in a shot. or modulating the immune system in some way. >> won't that be great? >> it's absolutely on the horizon. i'm sure that's coming. >> heart disease is the number one killer of men and women. for heart disease and stroke, there's now maybe a patch? >> cool little thing you put your finger in it, it checks the elasticity of the blood vessels
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inner fingertips. it has something called endothelial elasticity, the line on the inside of the blood vessels, we know now that that can tell us the health of the blood vessels in your heart and perhaps in your brain. low-tech, really easy. it goes probably beyond cholesterol in your body. the inflammation in your body. when you have inflammation in a blood vessel, the inside gets stiff and hard. but the more elastic your blood vessels are, the healthier you are. moving on to skin tests for alzheimer's. that sounds phenomenal. that sounds like anybody could have the test. >> here's, two things. mayo clinic looked at the mri scanning last year and figured in about 80% of people, could start to predict who's going to get alzheimer's. the new thing out of west virginia is a little biopsy of the skin of your finger. 98% correlation for being able to predict alzheimer's. my only caution on this is --
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we're still talking prediction. we're not talking treatment or cure yet. >> so if you get, you test, you take the test and you find out that there is a predictor, it may or may not be true? >> i think the correlation is pretty darn good that you're going to get it. the question is how do you start to stave off the symptoms. and we know that there's some really good alzheimer's centers in the country that can try experimental drugs. sort of put you through things to modify your everyday life. but cure in alzheimer's? they don't go in the same sentence yet. >> in addition to these findings, there's modern technology that's helping us? >> cool stuff. i'm wearing something today, this is from phillips, the electronics company, this is a motion detector. i wear this, it gives me an idea as to how much i'm moving, calibrates how many calories i'm expending a day. i sync it with my computer and we have two graphics for me to show you the kind of printout that you would have. this can tell, in the blanks at the beginning are when i'm sleeping. that big spike in the morning,
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the dark green one, is real activity that correlates with going to the gym and can you see how it changes throughout the days. calorie output, 1950 calories this first day. more than 179% of calories that are needed. so that means you can lose weight on this. have day two, exercise done in the evening. but it gives you a real idea, how to calibrate your body, your metabolic rate, what you're consuming and this online coaching, a critical thing from phillips. >> very cool, dr. nancy snyderman. thanks for bringing us up to date. for more information on this, go to our website at and coming up, from quitting smoking to landing a job to finding romance, we'll show you how some easy online tools can help you stick to the new year's resolutions. coming up next, an amazing story out of florida, a man run down by a driver. the whole ordeal caught on tape. he manages to make it out alive with the help of complete strangers.
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now to the brutal attack on florida man last month, caught on surveillance tape. he was mowed down by a man driving a station wagon and amazingly, he survived when bystanders rushed to his rescue. more on the story from nbc's kerry sanders. >> reporter: choked with emotion -- professor john h. hill said he's lucky to be alive. and you'll agree when you watch this surveillance tape. that's the professor running for his life as a driver targets him and then runs him down. look at it again. the 63-year-old in a full sprint looks back moments before a station wagon runs him down and crushes him. >> you almost ripped yourself in half, but not quite. and that's what your pelvis looks like right now. you have six screws in there. this is the clamp we used to help put the pelvis back together and it causes the pelvis to open up like a book. >> yes, bad injury.
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>> well, professor it's amazing that you're alive and i think you feel the same way? >> absolutely. within my heart and soul i just give all of the praise to god and my mother. for being there for me. >> reporter: how he survived is just as remarkable and it's all right there on the surveillance tape. bystanders still trying to process what they just witnessed, rushed over and lifted, yes, lifted the 3500-pound car. 5'9", 180-pound ft. lauderdale police officer paul brown directed the spontaneous rescue. lift the car? i don't know, if i had to do it over again, i don't think i could do it. >> the driver, 59-year-old frank parker is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. he initially escaped to a convenience store. but the crowd found him, pulled him out and began to beat him. and why did parker allegedly run professor hill down to begin with? as the police report says, hill
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told him to stop repeatedly parking his car on the grass. >> this is our family home. >> reporter: a lifelong resident here, hill is convinced the neighborhood came to his rescue, because he's always been there for them. you got back what you gave? >> i got back what i gave. >> reporter: a horrific ordeal, now an amazing survivor story. for "today," kerry sanders, nbc news, ft. lauderdale. >> and professor john hill is here with his wife, sheryl and his attorney, ginger cartwright. good morning to you all, so nice to meet you. what you've been through, john. tell me, how are you doing. we see you're still in a wheelchair. how soon before you'll be able to be up and move around again? >> hopefully very soon. at this time, i'm not able to walk. but with the grace of god, hopefully very soon i will be walking again. >> we saw based on the x-rays, that kerry sanders, your doctor, your doctor was showing us, your pelvic bone was completely fractured in half, right?
9:18 am
>> it was pulled apart. it's called a dislocation and i'm recovering from that. that's why i'm not able to walk at this time. and also the cheekbone has been fractured and my ear was almost lacerated and pulled away from my skull. >> very lucky to be alive. how did all of this start? the moments leading up to this the horrendous tape and the images that we see? what happened? >> well, it was just a mere pleasant remark i made to the gentleman about parking on the grass. >> this was the father of a tenant, right? >> the father of a tenant. and he became very irate and began to approach me with a very profane language. and very hostile approach. and i began to get back and i was just very afraid of him. it just moved from there. of he got into his car. >> is that when you started to run? did you realize you were -- >> i didn't think that he was actually going to do that. he got into the car. then i saw he began to chase me. and that's when i began running for my life.
9:19 am
>> and then you fell down. and you say that actually was, was good. why was, why was that a good thing in your point of view? >> well, at the time i was not happy that i was falling. i was realizing that i was falling. and i was saying to myself, oh, my god, why let me fall. don't let me fall, because the car is going to run over me. and i happened to see the spiritual cloud of my mom and god around me. and they made me fall. so that was in the plan. had i not fallen, then i would have been killed immediately and plastered against the pole or the wall. >> how hard is it for you, sheryl, to see that video of your husband like that? >> very, very hard. >> i know you've really only seen it once. >> i only watched it once. and honestly, i really, really could not believe that it was happening to him. and right now, our concentration is to help him to get better. so that he can walk again and have a normal life. >> how is he doing now?
9:20 am
>> he's doing a lot better. yeah, he just wants to get up out of that chair. >> talking about by the grace of god. but also by the grace of your neighbors and some very amazing bystanders, who lifted the car off of you. >> amazing. >> do you remember that moment? >> well actually i was unconscio unconscious, under the car, tagged under the car and pinned under there. after i saw the film, i was so in awe that i've had so many people come together with all the collection of adrenaline, just to pick this car up or turn into the incredible hulk, if you will. and ha was amazing how these guys rallied for my life. to do that. and i've thanked all of them. >> i know you want to thank them. >> you want to do something nice for them. >> i've told them i will do that as well. >> meantime, tell us about the man, ginger, the man franklin parker, who now as i understand, there are some charges against
9:21 am
him. some very serious charges. >> absolutely. initially he was charged with be a vaggravated assault. those have been upgraded to attempted murder in the first degree. so if he is convicted of those charges, he would possibly serve a life sentence. >> and there's going to be a civil case as i understand? >> absolutely. we plan on filing a civil suit in this case. although mr. hill looks amazing now, you know, he has a lot of injuries and he suffered a lot. and he will have medical treatment for the rest of his life. so we, we plan on doing that and filing a lawsuit. >> well, we wish you all the best, john, it's a miracle, really is. >> nice to see you, sir. thank you. and coming up, still valerie bertinelli is talking about her new book, new life after her very public battle of the bulge, we'll have more after these messages. ♪ ♪
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plus antioxidants, plus fiber and probiotics, plus calcium and vitamin d. new yoplus. the proactive nutrition yogurt. >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. city council president stephanie rawlings-blake is heading into her first full week transitioning into not only baltimore's next mayor, but the youngest mayor in baltimore history, there were four, but mayor sheila dixon will resign after pleading guilty to perjury charges. rawlings-blake sat down with jayne miller to talk about her thoughts. >> i am sure, like everyone in the city, you bite your nails any way, because you know -- and
9:27 am
you wait, because you know, at the end of the day -- >> is there anything in particular? obviously, you have a huge a vested interest in the outcome. >> honestly, i was not written what we are the other. -- rooting way or the other. i have known the mayor since i was a child, i would not wish her situation on my worst enemy. >> you can watch more of the interview tonight on 11 news at 6:00 and 11:00 p.m. now let's look at the forecast with tony pann. >> things are quiet in the weather department. the clouds will thicken up this afternoon. it will be called, with a high temperature only 34 degrees. tonight, a light snow or flurries. the temperatures dropping back into the 20s.
9:28 am
maybe some snow flurries in the morning on tuesday. then we start to turn things around. sunshine on wednesday and thursday. we will make it into the upper 40's to around 50 on thursday and friday. >> we will have another update at 9:55.
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she's a single mom from salt lake city who decided to bike her way to better health. elizabeth potter is 105 pounds lighter and the newest member of the joy fit club. she'll be here to show off her new look later this morning on "today." i'm al roker with ann curry and natalie morales. if you need more motivation to stick to your new year's resolutions, help is just a click away, we'll show you some
9:31 am
online tools to help you stick to your plan. and best of all, most of them are free. and if one of your resolutions is to drop some weight, we've got our diet and nutrition editor, and also one of our favorite people, madeline furnstrom here, talking about personalizing your diet. four pillars of successful weight loss. she gets frustrated that so many people feel like they're failures because they can't get through a diet. she wants to switch that up. so we'll hear from her this morning. >> plus speaking of a new look perhaps for the new year, you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on new cosmetics from foundation to lipstick to mascara, some basic beauty must-haves for every woman that won't cost a fortune. so good time to change up your makeup. >> aren't you supposed to get new makeup at a certain point? doesn't it wear out? >> mascara, like every couple of weeks. >> my daughter, mckenzie said i don't need makeup. >> you don't. >> i do. but the point is when your
9:32 am
daughter says that to you, it's pretty cool. it's sweet. i like that. anyway -- you've got a check of the weather? >> i could talk about you -- let's take a look, see what's happening for your week ahead. heavy rain in the pacific northwest. early part of the week, much above normal out west. below-normal in the east with snowshowers across the great lakes. moving into the mid-week period, you'll be seeing some snow in the eastern great lakes period, but below-temperatures in the midwest. and below normal in new england, texas with heavy rain there. norm at temperatures return to the southeast and >> we are off to a quiet but cold start. the clouds will thicken up as we head to the day to day. light snow in western maryland light snow in western maryland this
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thanks. coming up next, high-tech solutions for your new year's resolutions.
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this morning on new year, new you, sticking to your new year's resolutions. we're only 11 days into 2010, but if you're already having trouble controlling your spending or kicking that cigarette habit, there are digital tools to help you get back on track and they're easy to use. heather cabot, is the yahoo web life editor. heather, good morning. >> good morning to you. >> how long has yahoo been
9:37 am
tracking new year's resolutions findings? >> for this year we've been looking at it before the beginning of the new year, just in the last seven days we've had a chance to look at the data. so we'll look at the top five. >> interestingly enough, weight loss and smoking, the top two? >> the top two. i think those are perennial ones, and also health resolutions. people looking for how do i lower my cholesterol. >> nothing about saving money? >> not in the top five. >> paying off debt? >> came in at number seven. so still that is significant that it's in the top ten. here we are just the beginning of 2010 and people are still looking for how are they going to do that this year? how are they going to accomplish that goal? >> what websites are you recommending for people who want to accomplish that. >> mobile apps, is one of the fastest-growing personal finance tool. it pulls information from all your personal accounts, your credit cards, mortgage, et cetera and puts it into one picture for you and there's
9:38 am
tools to look at your budget. every week they'll email you and say, here's your network. here's what your spending on food. here's what your spending on your car payments, et cetera. it's a great way to help you figure out, where are you spending and where can you trim. >> and you like >> think of it as a virtual piggybank. it helps you set up an e-savings account. you can tell your friends and family that you're saving for something and they can help you achieve that goal. >> could you set up one for your kids? >> grandma, grandpa wanted toor birthday presents? >> right, you have to be over 18 to have one in your own name. but parents can set it up for a child. it's a great way to teach kids about savings as well. >> weight management, there's a lot out there. >> it's important to point out we're in this age of social media and how much of that can factor into weight loss success and getting support online. number one if you're counting calories, you need to have a comprehensive database, and
9:39 am
calorieking is a great one. put in a tortilla and out it will tell you, how many calories, the nutritional value and how much exercise you need to do to work that off. >> even more importantly. >> exactly. >> and you like >> i like sparkpeople because it has a sense of community. it has lots of tools to track your goals, track your food intake and exercise. and there's wonderful message boards where you can find like-minded people who are also in your stage of life. parents of preschoolers. >> iphone has an application that works with your diet. how does the daily burn food scanner work? >> this is cool. if you're somebody who keeps a food journal, this gives you a way to use the camera on your iphone to scan the bar code and it goes directly into your food journal. you take a picture of it and it tells you exactly the caloric value and it goes into your journal. >> my stage manager says he has it on his phone and he's not too crazy about it. >> is it hard to use? >> no.
9:40 am
>> that's not what he said. >> i had heard of something that combined the photo aspect and the food-journalling aspect. >> if you're looking for a relationship -- >> which many people are. >> that's right. i'm looking for a new stage manager -- >> blackberry has got something coming up? >> it's available on the iphone and a number of other smart phones. this is something i was telling you i saw at the consumer electronic show, it's called date check. basically what it is, it's a background check you can do on someone on your mobile phone. so if i met you, if we got fixed up on a blind date and i had your phone number, even your name, i could search you on my phone and find out anything about your criminal background, if there's anything public. coy find out the worth of your home. i could find out pretty much anything about you in seconds and their whole tag line is look up before you hook up. which i thought was really cute. >> we've got informing about stop-smoking why things. check out our website, for more information. coming up next, a personalized approach to
9:41 am
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this morning on take it off today, tailor-made weight loss. today diet and nutrition editor, madelyn fenstrom has a book called "the real you diet." here's a headline -- madelyn fernstrom does not like the word "diet." and yet, you've written a diet book. what's wrong with this picture? >> i've written a personal plan
9:45 am
book. you're always told to follow the plan, follow the plan. and you, too, will lose weight. and if it doesn't work, you must be the problem. i think it's time to turn it around and say pick something that's personalized. pick a tool box. >> rather than having the you confirm to the diet. have any sort of weight loss program conform to you. >> conform to you, because it's important that what you're both willing and able to do is going to make you follow through. you have to build your own personal tool box for that. >> bean box basically means there are basically be stands for behavior, e stands for eating, a stands for activity and m stands for medical issues. so you understand and remember what we're talking about. let's take them one by one. behavior. talk to me about how we can change or affect our behavior in way that might help us lose weight. >> everybody has different behavioral tools that they have. if you're a visual person, use a smaller plate. you can pile it up. take a calorie-controlled container and save that and use that so you can have automatic portion control. you can slow down your eating by
9:46 am
using baby spoons. >> baby spoons. >> and even chopsticks, except not for yogurt. if you're a stress eater, think about reasons for eating and not just a food log, keep a stress journal. why you're eating. >> while you're eating. i think a lot of people are comfort eaters, when something goes wrong. when something goes wrong -- somebody yelled at you, you go to the kitchen and you're grabbing a bag of chips. >> you always want to think before you eat anything. >> write it down, talk about it. even say to somebody, i'm stressed out, i'm going to head for the chips, let's have a conversation. >> if it's you, need to use that tool. some people need to reward themselves, but not with food. get a high-quality vinegar. >> get a vinegar? >> you can use it instead of olive oil. it's rewarding yourself without food, get a spa treatment, get some sunglasses and keep your hands busy without eating.
9:47 am
>> for an oral person, that's your temperment. hand to mouth, have some sugarless mints or gum. no tool is too small when you want the hand-to-mouth activity. >> and the all-important e is for eating. we have to make some changes, right? >> yes, but understand what kind of eater are you. what's your eating personality. you don't have to wake up bleary-eyed and eat some breakfast. but here's some sample breakfasts. they're all fine ones, you might be a protein eater. i want an egg white omelette and a canadian bacon. you might be a starch person and have a bowl of oatmeal. you might be trying to eat on the run. you might have a protein shake or a bar with fruit. and coffee house, get a large, skim-milk latte. >> this can be a breakfast? >> this can be a breakfast. you need a little fuel to get started. you don't have to say, i'm going to fail, i have to sit down with
9:48 am
knife and fork and all of this, you can make it work for you. >> a is activity. you want to talk about what activity you like to do, versus conform to somebody else's rules. >> exactly. walking is the gold standard. do you want to walk by yourself? do you want to partner? do you like competition like bowling or racquetball? do you like to be at home and use a or have use a dvd. >> i have a girlfriend who walked and walked and she lost tens of pounds and she looks amazing, all she did was walk. with her friends, if she could or by herself. >> and the all-important medical issues, which is the "m" in your beam box. what is the most important thing to check out? >> you must follow up with your doctor, not dr. google. because there are a lot of hidden reasons for gaining weight or why you're having trouble losing.
9:49 am
if you have an undiagnosed medical illness. if you have a thyroid problem, clinically depressed or sleep problems is that are undetected. and it might not be something where you say, i'll try to get more sleep. and there can be medications that are causing weight loss. if you're struggling with your lifestyle, it's important to talk to your doctor about your comprehensive plan and try to find a solution that will work. >> madelyn fernstrom. to read an excerpt from "the real you diet" check it out on our website at coming up next, putting your best face forward with some beauty essentials. ♪ spread a little love today
9:50 am
♪ spread a little somethin' to remember ♪ ♪ spread a little joy and see ♪ need a little happiness to be ♪ ♪ living the life with me ♪ ♪ spread a little joy and see ♪ need a little happiness to be ♪ ♪ living the life with me ♪
9:51 am
this morning on today's beauty, essentials for a fresh new look for 2010. it's not about buying the most expensive cosmetics, but about finding the best for your face. we've narrowed down the top
9:52 am
picks forror makeup bag. you always try to test these things out. and i love it, i weed through it. >> this is a glimpse inside my makeup bag. >> let's get started with foundation. actually some breakthroughs in foundation. this is loreal. >> it's called the true match roller foundation. it's like a squeegie situation we've got here. you put the roller in and roll it on to your skin. what's so great, the makeup artists are pointing out, you don't pull on your skin, you roll it right over. >> i'm wearing it now, i'm wearing everything that we have here. and you can get right in all the little spots that you might miss. you don't get any lines. >> you say it's like the airbrush look. >> a big buzzword for 2010. you don't want the whole machine, it's expensive. you just want this. >> next, on to blush, our cheeks. >> a two-step process for the
9:53 am
perfect glow. cream blush, so important, they're from mac. >> look at the colors, my goodness. >> but with a cream blush, you rub it into the skin and you're dispersing the pigment. the color is not as intense, but you get color that you can see. you don't want to blend it into the skin and you lose all the effect. >> and the cream is good because it is that glow. it's that look versus like a dry sort of streaky finish. >>nd when you're using it over a really hydrating foundation it blends so nicely. >> beautiful, next to the bronzers and everybody needs a bronzer, no matter what time of year, right? >> no matter what time of year. the two-step process, you have on your cream-blend blush and put the bronzer over it. this is from guerlain. terra cotta bronzer. guerlain created the category. this is about 12 cents a day. in january maybe it's one
9:54 am
dusting. in june, put three or four on. it's a great compact, doesn't really shatter. it will last you the whole year. >> one is sold every 25 seconds. >> very popular. >> what a market they have. >> and makeup artists love this, too. next, let's go over to the eyes and talk about eyeshadows and a palette that you're absolutely loving these days. >> there's such a special place in my heart for these palettes. they're called the essential eyeshadows, you're paying $55 for the palette, but you're really getting five shadows, $11 a pop. >> i love the shadow you're wearing, it's this palette right here? >> yes, you have the basics, and you have the fun ones to throw on and spice it up. >> to the ultimate mascara now. >> the ultimate mascara. >> every girl is always looking for the ultimate. >> you came in at a perfect time. hi. >> this one is very, very popular. >> this is for dior.
9:55 am
five of these are sold every minute. it's the dior show mascara. the brush, almost like a toothbrush. they cut one of these puppies in half. put a toothbrush in there, that's how makeup artists are putting on. >> it will give you the volume. >> yes. >> and real quickly. we should mention here, the lipstains. >> a great beauty steal, $9 from mark. a gloss and stain in one. >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. mayor sheila dixon's ability to keep her pension despite pleading guilty is not sitting well with some residents to accrue from protesters told wbal radio it -- a group of protesters told wbal radio they
9:56 am
plan to set up shop tomorrow outside city hall. what a firefighter people of shown interest. as part of the plea agreement, -- what than 500 people have shown interest. as part of the plea agreement, mayor dixon will be able to keep
9:57 am
>> welcome back. the clouds will thicken up as we head to the day. we will see more sunshine this morning that the afternoon.
9:58 am
tonight, there is a chance for light snow or flurries as a little clicker system comes through. it should not amount to much. the temperature to 25. cold day on tuesday. warmer temperatures by the end of the week. of the week.
9:59 am

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